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Exchange Hosting Providers (The Big List)

Below Outlookipedia has compiled a comprehensive list of Exchange Hosting providers.

Final ASP Exchange Hosting

Final ASP is the market leader in Microsoft Exchange hosting and other hosted Microsoft Applications. We have been providing hosted Microsoft Exchange for almost 6 years, and no other ASP provides as many applications and services as us. By leveraging Final ASP's products such as Microsoft Exchange Hosting, Microsoft CRM Hosting, and Hosted Blackberry you will be able to stretch your technology budget and focus on your business.

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Karcher Group Exchange Hosting

With our Microsoft Exchange Hosting service, you get more than just access to your email from any internet connection. You get advanced features like spam/virus protection, calendar access, mobile device integration, and more. Plus, your company gets all the perks of having your own email exchange server without the expense, upkeep, and management of your own system. You can leave all the equipment, security, and maintenance issues up to us, the experts.

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HostLabs Exchange Hosting

HostLabs enables you to deploy Exchange Server immediately and realize the full power of your Microsoft Office and Outlook investment. Don't have Outlook? Sign up your group quickly with Exchange Hosting and HostLabs will provide everyone in your group with their own copy of the latest Microsoft Office Outlook Software.

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Enlightened Technology Exchange Hosting

Our Exchange hosting service allows you to enjoy all the features of Microsoft Exchange, without the cost. Get started with Microsoft Exchange Server, without purchasing expensive server hardware or software.

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Elephant Outlook Exchange Hosting

Elephant Outlook provides managed business-critical, high-availability email messaging and collaboration services based on the Microsoft® Exchange 2007 platform.

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Running a business keeps you on the go. Microsoft Exchange Hosting featuring Outlook helps you stay connected, without feeling tied to the office. With real-time synchronization to your mobile device, Hosted Exchange turns your phone or PDA into a virtual office, so you can access your e-mail and contacts on the road, download a presentation from your client's office, and send a contract proposal from a soccer game.

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Apps4Rent Exchange Hosting

If you are hesitant to move to the Microsoft Exchange 2007 messaging platform due to the ridiculously high initial and ongoing cost of an in-house Exchange server, the Apps4Rent Exchange hosting solution can provide your business the benefits of a reliable and scalable solution fully managed by expert network administrators.

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INetU Exchange Hosting

Hosting your own Exchange servers for your enterprise email needs can be an expensive and resource-intensive task. That's why we're taking care of it. By choosing INetU for managed Exchange servers, your team is free to Think Outside the Server®. Get more accomplished by letting us handle the hardware, the 100%-uptime-guaranteed network, and around-the-clock systems administration, for your managed Exchange Solution.

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Fpweb Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Hosting is a cost effective solution for any organization needing advanced messaging tools without big IT costs. Now any size business can compete with large enterprises by enabling their employees to communicate, and collaborate with Shared and Dedicated Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server email hosting.

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LiveOffice Exchange Hosting

LiveOffice offers its Hosted Exchange 2007 as a service to companies of all sizes giving them affordable enterprise email and collaboration without incurring the high costs required to run and manage Microsoft Exchange internally.

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Alentus Exchange Hosting

ExchangeMail from Alentus is an advanced suite of messaging services that gives you all the power, functionality and security of Microsoft Exchange Server, the No. 1 corporate messaging server.

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USA.NET Exchange Email Hosting

USA.NET provides email hosting at a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

Choose customizable end to end Microsoft Exchange Hosting and hosted email services for your business and mobile messaging needs. You will have the control you need – without the hassles, costs, and headaches normally associated with in-house and outsourced solutions.

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HostMySite Exchange Hosting

HostMySite lets you connect, communicate, and collaborate with Microsoft Exchange Hosting. Access emails, files, address books, and calendars from anywhere.

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Webville Exchange Hosting

Since 1998, small businesses worldwide have trusted Webville Networks for reliable, dependable and secure Exchange Hosting, with competitive pricing.

Build your business on the leading messaging and collaboration platform. Focus on your business, not on your servers. Give your company its own virtual Microsoft Exchange 2007 server, with full Exchange functionality accessible over the Internet, through Outlook.

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Windows Velocity Exchange Servers come complete with everything you need to run your organization’s email. A hardware-based firewall, server Antivirus software, and Advanced Anti SPAM solution are included with your FastServers.Net Exchange server package to provide the most secure environment for your email.

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Shoreline Exchange Email Hosting by AppRiver

AppRiver's Shoreline™ exchange hosting system provides both administrators and end users with distinct advantages over other hosting programs. Shoreline's management interface, for example, is embedded with security enhancements that keep our customers' servers and networks safe. At the same time, the format is easy to use and interact with.

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Mi8 Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Mi8 offers Microsoft Exchange Hosting, with Mi8 delivering Microsoft Exchange as a network-based service. This approach provides Fortune-500 class IT infrastructure, operations and services to any size company, offloading internal IT departments and helping companies focus on their core business functions.

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Hostway Exchange Hosting

In today’s business world, you can’t do it all. Let Hostway deliver the technology you need to stay focused on the task at hand. A world leader in hosted services, Hostway provides a full-featured Exchange hosting solution suitable for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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ExchangeMyMail Exchange Hosting

In business since 2005 and specializing in Hosted Microsoft Exchange. We are a member of the Microsoft SPLA licensing program which ensures we are in compliance with Microsoft and allowed to offer Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

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MailStreet Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

MailStreet's Microsoft Exchange Server® hosting provides enterprise-class reliability, performance and value for a simple, low monthly cost.

Exchange hosting is our core competency. By selecting MailStreet, you enable your organization to reap the benefits of enterprise class messaging without the high costs associated with implementation and maintenance of an in-house system.

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IT Solutions Now Exchange Hosting

Advanced E-mail & Information Sharing Microsoft Exchange Mail Hosting is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business' messaging system.

Exchange Mail Hosting from IT Solutions Now delivers the advanced protection your company demands, and the anywhere access your people want. Access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, anytime.

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123Together Exchange Hosting

Reduce cost, ensure continuous uptime, increase productivity and work from anywhere at any time with hosted Exchange services from Thousands of public and private companies around the world have chosen for their Mission Critical Email™. Don’t just take our word for it. Microsoft named its 2008 Hosting Partner of the Year.

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Intermedia Exchange Hosting

In 2000, Intermedia launched the first 'on-demand' Exchange hosting service specifically for small and medium businesses. We are now the world's leading provider of Exchange hosting business email as a service, with over 300,000 hosted Exchange email seats. Learn more about our small business, enterprise and dedicated Exchange hosting solutions.

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InteractiveOnline Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most popular messaging platform. The cost of running your own Exchange server is simply too much. Exchange Hosting makes more sense! With InteractiveOnline's Exchange Hosting there's no equipment or software to buy and we managed the server for you...

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Apptix Exchange Hosting

As the largest independent hosted Exchange Service, we reliably host and manage your email communications so you don’t have to deal with the hassle—or the expense. Our Exchange hosting enables companies of all sizes to have flexible, easy-to-use, business-class messaging, as well as collaboration and group scheduling. Featuring 24/7 live telephone support and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, Apptix provides the tools you need for reliable company email and collaboration.

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Verio Exchange Hosting

If your business runs on email, it will run even faster on Hosted Microsoft® Exchange 2007. Verio's Hosted Exchange is a monthly service designed to turn your email into a high-performance, real-time collaboration tool that can be accessed from office PCs, mobile devices, or anywhere your employees have an internet connection.

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Mail2Web Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange goes way beyond simple email and provides calendars, reminders, tasks, appointment notifications and many other tools to make you more productive. Benefit from enhanced collaboration features and anywhere access with support for ActiveSync, BlackBerry and the best desktop and web mail application in the market using Mail2Web's Exchange Hosting...

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NeoSpire Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

NeoSpire provides Microsoft Exchange email hosting services for the outsourced management of several different email hosting platforms. Your organization will benefit from faster time to market, ease of scalability, higher performance, reliability, security, easy server access, increased bandwidth to handle spikes in email traffic and NeoSpire’s customer-centric support team.

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Vertex Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Vertex can bring you the features and security of a corporate email system—without the expense. It’s called Exchange Hosting, and because Vertex hosts the hardware infrastructure and software your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. What’s more, the valuable features of Exchange Hosting can significantly improve your daily operations.

Learn more about Vertex Exchange Hosting

Greatmail Hosted Exchange

Greatmail Hosted Exchange gives your company all the benefits that a Microsoft Exchange® environment has to offer, without any of the headaches of hosting it yourself. We provide you with a full-featured solution, backed by the best infrastructure in the industry, and supported by a complete staff of Exchange experts.

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REDPLAID Exchange Dedicated Server Hosting

REDPLAID Managed Hosting provides the most secure, reliable, affordable and responsive Exchange Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Computing Solutions to run 24/7 business-critical applications and web / ecommerce environments.

Learn more about REPLAID Dedicated Exchange Hosting

A3 IT Solutions Microsoft Exchange® 2007 Hosting

Today’s workforce is heavily reliant on the ability to communicate remotely at anytime, from anywhere and using a variety of devices. Business leaders strive to meet demand while balancing it with efficient, cost-effective operations. A3 IT Solutions’ Exchange Hosting service offers a winning solution to boost productivity and positively impact your bottom line.

Learn more about A3 Exchange Hosting

Mailprotector Hosted Exchange Solution

Until recently the benefits of operating a secure and highly available Microsoft Exchange platform were reserved for organizations with substantial monetary and dedicated IT resources, thus putting small and medium sized organizations at a disadvantage.

Mailprotector’s outsourced Hosted Exchange Solution, the features of Microsoft Exchange 2007 are available at prices even SMBs can afford...

Learn more about Mailprotector Exchange Hosting

The Message Center Microsoft Exchange Hosting

The Message Center allows any size company to have enterprise-class tools such as Microsoft Exchange email, BlackBerry Enterprise server, GoodLink server, and much more -- while avoiding the purchase and maintenance of any servers, applications, and licenses; and adding several layers of security such as anti-spam, anti-virus, and backups for a low and predictable monthly rate.

Learn more about Message Center Exchange Hosting

Intracape: Exchange Hosting

Intrascape now offers a range of dedicated Exchange server solutions as well as alternative mail server solutions.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting from Intrascape lets you or your entire business reap the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, without the expense of maintaining your own Exchange Server.

Learn more about Intrascape Exchange Hosting

Athena Archiver Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Athena Archiver Microsoft Exchange Hosting offers organizations a complete, effective, and easy-to-use managed service in order to simplify the setup, provisioning, and management of Microsoft Exchange 2007. Managing user quotas and billing surprises are never concerns for our Secure Exchange Service clients.

Learn more about Athena Archiver Exchange Hosting

ASP-One Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Hosting empowers users with advanced e-mail and collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessible anytime, from anywhere. Exchange Hosting from ASP-One reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for the messaging infrastructure and increases its reliability, security, and scalability.

Learn more about ASP-One Exchange Hosting

Mailtrust Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange from Mailtrust eradicates the overwhelming cost and time investment of hosting your own Exchange server. With Mailtrust, you can leave server maintenance and investments to us. In return you'll get unmatched support, anywhere email access and peace of mind knowing your email is being handled by the Email Experts.

Learn more about Mailtrust Exchange Hosting

NaviSite Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange delivers multiple advantages – easy email accessibility, anytime, anywhere access to your contact tools, and ready communication. However, the upfront and ongoing costs of managing an Exchange environment can make it an expensive proposition.

NaviSite hosts and manages your Microsoft Exchange solution in a secure environment – so you can leverage our scale and expertise while minimizing the cost of ownership.

Learn more about NaviSite Exchange Hosting

724 Internet Solutions Exchange Hosting

Through 724 Internet Solutions managed Exchange server, the smallest companies can benefit from powerful Business Email and collaboration for a low monthly fee. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24x7 world-class support from staff makes outsourcing Microsoft Exchange from 724 Internet Solutions a great choice for small companies that want big business IT.

Learn more about 724 Internet Solutions Exchange Hosting

deXaweb Microsoft Exchange Hosting 

At, we understand how vital email is to your business. With Microsoft Exchange Hosting, we can provide small and medium size businesses with an affordable email and collaboration service. Enjoy all of the great features of Microsoft Exchange without the expense and maintenance of servers and software.

Learn more about deXaweb Exchange Hosting

Vire Technologies enterprise class Hosted Microsoft Exchange

VIRE Technologies is a provider of hosting services and IT outsourcing. We offer a variety of outsourced services such as Exchange Hosting, Microsoft Dynamics Hosting, Hosted Sharepoint, dedicated Windows Servers and Custom Hosting solutions based on individual business needs.

Learn more about Vire Technologies Exchange Hosting

SnapBlox Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Harness the power of Microsoft's robust messaging and collaboration server without the large upfront investment for software licensing, server hardware, or continuing expense of IT maintenance with Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail from SnapBlox.

Learn more about SnapBlox Exchange Hosting

XO Communications Exchange Hosting

XO® Hosted Exchange brings you all the benefits of the latest Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® Outlook® system for an affordable per-seat price, without any of the up-front costs or headaches.

Learn more about XO Communications Exchange Hosting

WebIntellects Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Reduce your company's startup investment, operational costs, upgrade costs, and headaches.

Large organizations have maximized their overall efficiency for years by implementing e-mail and collaboration features of Outlook running on Exchange Server. WebIntellects now offers these features to small businesses at very cost-effective rate.

Learn more about WebIntellects Exchange Hosting

VIA NETWORKS Exchange Hosting

Whether you’re company has two people or a global enterprise, VIA Networks provides you with flexible, outsourced email management solutions backed 24/7 by certified system engineers.

Learn more about VIA NETWORKS Exchange Hosting

Dolphin Exhcange Hosting

Get all your benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2003 at a low cost. Your business can afford enterprise functionality, without investing in a dedicated Exchange Server and the staff to maintain it...

Learn more about Dolphini Exchange Hosting

Lanlogic Exchange Hosting

Our Exchange mailbox hosting solution gives you the rich features of the latest release of Microsoft Exchange Server by outsourcing the headache of maintaining it.

Learn more about Lanlogic Exchange Hosting

InfoQuest Exchange Hosting

Hosted Exchange Server 2007 plans are available starting as low as $9.95 a month for small and medium sized businesses with 1 to 10 users. For organizations with more than 10 users, the Enterprise or Enterprise with Journaling plans are a perfect choice. Create Exchange 2007 mailboxes with anywhere from 200 MB to 2 GB of storage space.

Learn more about InfoQuest Exchange Hosting

SherWeb Exchange Hosting

SherWeb offers one full featured Hosted Exchange plan. Price is $8.95/month per mailbox and there are no minimum number of users required...

Learn more about SherWeb Exchange Hosting

DNAmail Exchange Hosting

DNAmail is DSL Extreme's premier unified communication service providing your business enterprise class email and business collaboration tools with Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007.

Learn more about DNAmail Exchange Hosting

Prominic Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

Outsourcing Exchange is a cost effective solution for most small to medium businesses. Prominic will run and maintain your Exchange server for a small monthly fee which will allow your company to enjoy the capabilities Exchange offers, without putting an extra strain on your in-house IT department, or your wallet.

Learn more about Prominic Exchange Hosting

Link2Exchange Exchange Hosting

At Link2Exchange, we offer hosting services that allow you to use Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 without owning and managing a server yourself. Whether your company is composed of two people or 10 people spread across the globe, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 offers you a secure way to stay connected in a business-friendly environment.

Learn more about Link2Exchange Exchange Hosting

StartLogic Microsoft Exchange Hosting

With StartLogic Microsoft Exchange hosting your organization is provided with advanced features for managing e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks. It allows full use of the collaboration features of Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to share information securely among your Microsoft Exchange users...

Learn more about StartLogic Exchange Hosting

GearHost’s Hosted Exchange 2007

Take advantage of GearHost’s Hosted Exchange 2007 program, even the smallest of companies can benefit from powerful business email and connectivity for a low monthly fee. Rely on our 99.999% uptime guarantee and our knowledgeable Microsoft Certified support staff to keep your business running.

Learn more about GearHost Exchange Hosting

Numatek Microsoft Exchange Hosting

At Numatek we recognize and appreciate that Email has become a mission-critical application and is invaluable to an organization. Microsoft Exchange is the world's leading email solution and provides exceptional functionality to help improve every aspect of your business. Numatek provides enterprise class email to companies of all sizes. We provide email solutions for single email boxes up to, and including, dedicated Exchange servers for large organizations.

Learn more about Numatek Exchange Hosting

A Better Outlook Exchange Hosting

A Better Outlook is a high-end email service at a small business price. Based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007®, A Better Outlook enables organizations of all sizes to communicate more efficiently and work smarter.

Learn more about A Better Outlook Exchange Hosting

BIS Global Microsoft Exchange Hosting

If you are looking to migrate your messaging platform to unlock the features and benefits of the Microsoft Exchange platform for your organization, or if you are looking for a resource intensive managed environment for your exchange server so that you can focus on more important issues, BIS Global can help. We can set up and colocate or host your exchange environment for you in our state of the art data center.

Learn more about BIS Global Exchange Hosting

Connectria Exchange Hosting

But while there are many hosting providers that offer Exchange Hosting, few deliver enterprise-class Exchange Hosting Solutions for corporate IT environments. That's where Connectria excels.

Learn more about Connectria Exchange Hosting

FireHost Microsoft Exchange Hosting

FireHost Exchange hosting empowers businesses to seamlessly sync email, contacts, calendar events, and tasks between an email client, mobile phone and Outlook Web Access...

Learn more about FireHost Exchange Hosting

BitSculptor Exchange Hosting

Our Business Class hosted Exchange provides numerous benefits and advantages such as reduced IT complexity, ease of use, low cost when compared to hosting your own Exchange server in-house.

Learn more about BitSculptor Exchange Hosting

Concentric Hosted Exchange

Concentric Hosted Exchange is a fast, reliable and affordable solution for email, calendaring, collaboration, and mobility based on Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Microsoft Outlook® 2007. Concentric Hosted Exchange provides all of the benefits of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 2007 without the up-front infrastructure costs or ongoing overhead...

Learn more about Concentric Hosted Exchange

Fusionapps Managed Exchange Hosting

Communicate more effectively with the high reliability and outstanding performance of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With features like centralized scheduling, shared contact lists, and task management, our Managed Exchange offering is perfect for any business that can benefit from improved employee collaboration...

Learn more about Fusionapps Exchange Hosting

GoDaddy Hosted Exchange

Enjoy the benefits of business-class email in a pay-as-you-go model that lets you scale up or down as needed, minimizing your financial risk. Hosted Exchange email helps you free up valuable capital, IT staff, and other costly resources for more effective use within your organization...

Learn more about GoDaddy Hosted Exchange

PacHosting Hosted Exchange

PacHosting Hosted Exchange service allows your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, resulting in increase in productivity and reduction in the cost of your business. Using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, PacHosting Hosted Exchange provides "Anywhere Access" features which allows your mobile workers to connect to mailbox, calendars, contacts and tasks list with Desktop computers, web-based messaging and PDAs...

Learn more about PacHosting Hosted Exchange