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Add missing holidays to your Microsoft Outlook calendar

If you are using a version Microsoft Outlook older than Outlook 2007, the holidays available for your Calendar folder will expire at the end of 2008...

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Use Descriptions to set Outlook Appointment Dates

Outlook 2007 includes a simple time saving feature that allows you to type out text to tell Outlook which day you would like for an appointment's start date...

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Color-code Outlook calendar appointments: Outlook calendar color labels

How many times do you look at your Outlook calendar searching for a specific appointment, only to see a cluster of white boxes with little to no descriptions? If you want to see what the appointment is for, this means opening up the appointment item details...

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Convert Outlook email messages into Outlook calendar appointments

Microsoft Outlook allows you to drag an email into your calendar folder in order to create appointment. Here's how it's done...

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