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This directory contains a comprehensive list of Contact Management addins for Microsoft Outlook.

Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook

Contacts Clinic is a complete Contacts Management Software for Microsoft Outlook Client. This innovative Outlook plugin has a wide array of features that allow Microsoft Outlook users to Automatically Update, Organize and Maintain their Outlook Contacts.

Active Agent Contact Management Software for Outlook

Our approach to creating contact management solutions is to leverage what is already being used by agents and to provide the industry specific features that Active Agents like yourself need to become more efficient and productive. Our goal is for you have a single contact database that integrates with the most popular desktop productivity suite, Microsoft Office; and not to require you to learn yet another word processor, email application, etc.

ClearOpportunity Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

ClearOpportunity is the only contact management, pipeline, opportunity management system that is fully (100%) integrated with MS Outlook. By fully integrated, we mean that ClearOpportunity runs completely in Outlook and becomes part of Outlook.

EurekaWare Real Estate Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

Real Estate Contact Management Software is supposed to make realtors more effective. So why are most realtor software solutions so difficult to use? What makes EurekaWare different is that our real estate contact management software is built into Microsoft Outlook and is very easy to use. Through this design EurekaWare Real Estate Contact Manager adds real estate marketing capabilities to the email tool you already use. There is no need to learn how to use a new real estate software application. EurekaWare is a Microsoft Outlook add-in to meet the unique needs of Real Estate Agents for marketing and contact management.

TopProducer: Real Estate Software - Contact Management with Outlook

Every real estate agent needs real estate software for contact management that works efficiently with email. With Top Producer Outlook Connector, your default mail client in Top Producer 8i becomes Microsoft Outlook. Clicking an email link or selecting 'Send email' will launch you directly into Microsoft Outlook.

SalesOutlook Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

Manage your contacts, emails, opportunities, calendar and more without leaving Outlook. SalesOutlook leverages the combination of Microsoft Office and Exchange Server to deliver a powerful and customizable account-focused electronic customer relationship and team collaboration system.

TeamScope Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

Looking for a contact management product that fits your budget and works entirely within Microsoft Outlook without the headaches of an external database? Then you've come to the right place!

MX-Contact: Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

MX-Contact is a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Force Automation package that runs inside Microsoft Outlook 2002, 2003 and 2007. The system utilizes all the standard functionality of Outlook but provides many additional features that transform Outlook into a powerful CRM system.

Xobni: Search and Contact Management Software For Outlook

Xobni Insight - contact management software for Outlook - offers a powerful way to automatically organize emails and contacts.

OpusFlow Contact Management and CRM

OpusFlow CRM and contact management is an easy to install Outlook add-on that only needs a network connection for it's collaborative functions. However it works great on Exchange Server too. Easy access buttons provide a range of features to help you with all your common customer relationship tasks.

Avidian Prophet Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

Prophet provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for individuals looking for a contact and sales management tool for Outlook. You will have access to all your critical sales and contact information without having to jump from program to program or dealing with poor synching schemes. Prophet becomes part of Outlook.

Tour de Force Contact and Customer Relationships Management for Microsoft Outlook

Tour de Force™ is a Contact and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solution Software fully integrated within Microsoft Outlook®.