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Today there are many great addins that facilitate the sharing of Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact and task folders without the need for Microsoft Exchange Server.

This directory contains a comprehensive list of addins for sharing Outlook calendar, contact, task and/or email folders.

Share Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, and email without Exchange.

OfficeCalendar: shared and interactive group calendars in Outlook without Exchange Server!

OfficeCalendar versions 3.0 and higher not only offer an effective low-cost and easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft® Exchange Server for sharing Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact and task information; but also offer powerful group calendaring and scheduling capabilities that even Microsoft Exchange Server doesn't offer.

OfficeCalendar's group calendar view in Outlook

LOOK Group Calendar for Microsoft Outlook

LOOK is group calendar solution that integrates with Outlook to provide easy-to-access calendar and scheduling views for users, groups and resources, such as meeting rooms. It also offers many additional functions to streamline Outlook group planning and scheduling.

Instant overviews of user and resource calendars, in groups or individually, plus many new features not found in Outlook.

LOOK.WEB web-based group calendar for Outlook & Exchange

LOOK.WEB is a real-time web-based group calendar solution for Outlook and Exchange offering access to calendar views through a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

Works anywhere anytime. Makes group scheduling easy and convenient.

WhiteSpace Exchange Group Calendar

View Exchange Group Calendars without combining bookings from multiple people in one cumbersome group exchange calendar. WhiteSpace shows multi-Resource, multi-day views so you can clearly see who is busy on what over the coming days / weeks.

WebTeam Central Web-based Group Calendar

Web-based group calendar offering an overview of multiple Outlook calendars along with intuitive scheduling tools.

Ideal for all types of organizations: small, medium, large and mobile. WebTeam Central gives managers, receptionists and co-workers an instant and easy web-based overview of their colleagues.

Group Outlook

Group Outlook easily allows the creation of group calendars - so that you can see on one Outlook view the calendars of the members of a group. Again there is full access control and an unlimited number of groups available.

Agenda/X Group Calendaring for Microsoft Exchange & Outlook

Agenda/X leverages Microsoft Exchange calendaring by publishing a consolidated, graphical summary of Outlook Calendar information via your corporate intranet to create Advanced Group Calendaring for Microsoft Exchange & Outlook.

HyperOffice Online Group Calendar

Setup a group calendar to track meetings, conference calls, and project deadlines. Setup unlimited calendars to share across teams, departments, or remote locations.

Sync with Outlook to share Outlook calendar, contacts, and task information with groups.

Exchange Group Calendar

3 clicks, that is all you need to use your sophisticated Exchange server for what it was designed to do: easy group collaboration. Exchange Group Calendar enables anyone who can count to three to install and manage an unlimited number of company group calendars. A calendar maker tool to help your group collaborate through Outlook. Either at your desk in the office or at home over the internet.

Group Calendar for Microsoft Outlook

Group Calendar is an easy to install Outlook add-on, which solves that problem effectively and flexibly. In addition to allowing group viewing of calendars, Group Calendar also allows you to create and edit appointments on behalf of others using nothing more than a peer to peer network or LAN.

WorkGroup Calendar for Microsoft Outlook

Workgroup Calendar is a personal tool and a downloadable PC software that allows you to create and synchronize a group calendar with content merged from the chosen Microsoft Outlook Calendar folders.

OutlookShare for Microsoft Outlook

Maintaining a group calendar in Microsoft Outlook means different things to different people. If you are looking for a centralized or group view of every person's availability, you can easily obtain it with the OutShare shared calendars feature. If you want to keep a common (Master) calendar of important company events - the OutShare Public Outlook Calendar folder is your solution. All these workgroup calendar solutions are Exchange free with OutShare, which represents a low-cost, maintenance-free tool for Microsoft Outlook.