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This directory contains a comprehensive list of addins send/receive faxes from within Microsoft Outlook.


OLfax fax tool for Microsoft Outlook

OLfax needs the AVM Fritz Software to run. You install the OLfax server at the server where you have installed AVM Fritz. The communication between OLfax and a client is via email. OLfax receives email via SMTP or via POP3 and sends emails back to the recipient via SMTP. You can use either a mail server or configure an email account in Outlook or use the OLfax client at the client side in order to send a fax to the fax server.

MyFax with Outlook Fax Plugin

MyFax works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox. This service supports 178 file formats including Adobe, Corel, Lotus, Microsoft products, Mac PICT and MacPaint. MyFax also supplies a free MyFax plug-in for use with Microsoft Outlook.

Impact Fax Server and Outlook Fax Client

By using the Impact Fax Server Outlook client, the Impact Fax Server enables you to efficiently manage all of your desktop messages. This means that you use just one easy, familiar tool to handle (store, forward, move, delete, etc.) all your messages, including fax and email messages. Not using Outlook? Not a problem, you can also send and receive faxes using any email client, web browser or the Impact Fax Server Stand Alone Client.