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Set Outlook Email to Send at a Later Time

If you need to compose an email message in Outlook at a certain time, but do not want to send it until a different time or date? One way is to compose the email and save it as a draft, but many times the email may be forgotten about. However, Microsoft Outlook includes an easy way send an email message at a later time or date without you having to remember to send it yourself.

To send and Outlook email at a later time:

  1. After composing the email message, click the Options button in the email’s Advanced Toolbar.

Outlook Email Options

  1. In the Message Options dialog box, check the check box next to Do not deliver before.

Outlook Email Message Options Dialog Box

  1. Use the drop down menus that are next to Do not deliver before to select the date and time you want the email message to send.
  2. After you have selected the date and time to send the email message, click Close.
  3. Finally, Send your email message to save it until it is designated to send automatically.