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Duplicate Email Remover

Tired of duplicates in Microsoft Outlook? – Remove all duplicated e-mails fast and easy with Duplicate Email Remover!

Duplicate Email Remover is a powerful and flexible Microsoft Outlook plugin intended for the search and processing of duplicated mail messages in Microsoft Outlook folders.

Duplicate Email Remover

Why Duplicate Email Remover?

  • It’s fast – Duplicate Email Remover is specially optimized for high speed e-mail processing!
  • It’s easy – just follow a step-by-step wizard to clean your mailbox from duplicates!
  • It’s effective no. 1 – the program allows you to set a number of special criteria to find duplicate messages. All duplicates will be detected!!
  • It’s effective no. 2 – Duplicate Email Remover can search across folders. It enables you to look for dupes in all or specified folders at the same time!
  • It’s save – You do not need to delete duplicates immediately. All duplicates can be moved to another folder or marked with a flag. So you can check the results to avoid important data loss!
  • And of course it’s profitable – You can buy Duplicate Email Remover right now only for $15!