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Calendae synchronization for sharing Outlook calendars

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Calendae allows you to manage your calendar, contacts, tasks, and documents anywhere at any time. Calendae's fast, intuitive, and powerful interface increases your group work efficiency. Features include simultaneous and intuitive management of your work group, hiding your personal events and contacts from the rest of the group, 4 levels of access to data, saving all your data, synchronizing your data with your PDA, and receiving appointment reminders by e-mail.

Calendae offers to share Outlook calendar : access your Outlook calendar and the Outlook calendars of your team, friends, .... , wherever you are. You just need an Internet connection to access them.

You can give access to share Outlook calendar, in reading access or full access.


Synchronize with Outlook for sharing Outlook calendars with Calendae

Synchronize with Outlook for sharing Outlook calendars