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Businesses spend valuable time trying to decipher calendar availability, who has a particular contact record, status of project tasks or when a file was created and what changes were made. Business professionals know that they could use this time more effectively – Xchange Network delivers the business collaboration solution that addresses this need intuitively and seamlessly. We deliver two world-class solutions; XC Connect and XC Vault.

XC Connect™ XC Connect enables users to share Calendars, Contacts and Tasks between and across Windows, OS X and Linux desktops.

  • Microsoft Outlook®
  • Microsoft Entourage®
  • iCAL and Address Book for OS X
  • Novell EvolutionTM
  • Web-based interface

The XC Connect solution consists of two components:

  1. the XCN Server - installed on a computer (Windows, Linux, or OS X) that is accessible by your users and manages users, permissions as well as any shared data - and
  2. the XC Connect connector - installed on every user’s computer, handles the data transfer between Outlook, iCAL and Address Book, Entourage and/or Evolution and the XCN Server