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Osa Sync Pro for Microsoft Outlook

With Osa Sync PRO you can synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts, appointments, tasks, notes and e-mails via LAN, VPN or FTP. Without needing Exchange server you can collaborate with others and save your customers in a common contacts folder and keep track of everybody's schedule with a common calendar or read and save email in a common email folder. Changes are automatically reflected in the item on the other computer(s).

Sync Outlook with Osa Sync Pro

Osa Sync PRO is very easy to install and configure, the Osa Sync PRO connection wizard will guide you through the configuration steps. Osa Sync can be configured in a Client-Server mode or when you do not have a central server in Peer-to-Peer mode. You do need to be an expert to get Osa Sync PRO running! Osa Sync PRO supports the use of PDA's or cell phones. Osa Sync PRO is shareware, but fully functional during one month for free, so you can try before you buy.