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CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0. Equip Your Exchange Server with Disclaimer Software

If you are an Exchange Server admin, you will soon be looking for a reliable and user-friendly piece of software to manage mail traffic in your company. CodeTwo, a software company, has developed CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0, which is considerable aid in centralized mail management.

Its key role is to add disclaimers and signatures to messages sent outside the organization as well as internally. With CodeTwo Exchange Rules, you automate the process of adding company disclaimers such as confidentiality clauses, eco notes, personal signatures etc. The users in your organization will no longer need to rely on client-based solutions since the application will do the job for them centrally on the server. It is worth noting that this program is capable of adding footers to messages sent via all mail clients.

Version 3.0 introduces close integration with Active Directory allowing a quick and convenient choice of disclaimers and signatures for particular users, groups, organizational units, and it will fill the signatures with personalized data on the fly. Additionally, you can differentiate footers according to mail recipients, also with the help of Active Directory features.

The program is very easy in use - the wizard will guide you through creating new rules and the built-in editor allows composition of professional-looking footers within minutes. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is mainly a disclaimer software but not only this. The capabilities of the program are constantly expanding. Apart from the management of footers, the program features the archiving tool to keep track of all sent and received mail processed by the Exchange. The statistics tool will show you figures related to the global mail traffic.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules is available for free download as a time-unlimited fully-functional trial. You will easily find it useful and ultimately indispensible in your everyday administration.

CodeTwo is a company that specializes in engineering software dedicated to the Exchange Server platforms and extensions to Microsoft Outlook. Its flagship products are CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Public Folders - an alternative to Exchange Server to make your Outlook a workgroup tool. You will also find several useful free tools for Outlook on its website.

Jelenia Gora