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Technicopia Debuts gwabbit for Microsoft Outlook

DEMO 2009, Palm Desert, CA - March 2, 2009 - Technicopia, LLC, today debuted gwabbit (www.gwabbit.com), the world's first automatic Email Contact Manager (ECM). gwabbit allows users to identify and transfer all contact information from an email, including signature files, into the user's Microsoft Outlook address book with a single click. Once in Outlook, these contacts can be easily transferred to Blackberry, iPhone, comma-delimited databases and spreadsheets, as well as the full spectrum of standalone CRM systems.

gwabbit streamlines the management of new relationships, allowing users to efficiently maintain a current address book without the time-consuming chore of cutting and pasting. gwabbit's intuitive ability to scan and filter new content significantly improves the user experience by presenting a prompt not only when a new contact is available, but also when a new signature file conflicts with current contact information. This speedy solution saves hundreds of hours per year for busy executives, salespeople, marketers and others who must track hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts to more efficiently utilize communication techniques and expand business networking.

It is the industry's first true ECM, using semantic technology to automatically organize the largely unstructured fields of contact information that most users get in their emails every day, parsing the fields using gwabbit's proprietary technology, then automatically transferring them into Outlook's popular address book.

"Over the years I grew annoyed at having to cut and paste contact information one line at a time from my emails to Outlook's address book. I thought it to be such a daily nuisance that I created gwabbit so I would not have to do it anymore," said Technicopia, CEO, Todd Miller. "It is non productive to have to go back and search the inbox for contacts. I knew this had to be a tedious issue for the millions of Microsoft Outlook users. gwabbit speaks to an obvious Outlook Achilles' heel."

Priced at only $19.95, gwabbit downloads in under a minute and incorporates a much-needed email contact management tool which allows users to track their contacts efficiently and accurately. gwabbit is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (Office XP), and 2000 as well as Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. A 14-day trial is available at http://www.gwabbit.com.

About Technicopia, LLC

Technicopia was founded by serial entrepreneur Todd Miller, whose previous successes include WebFeat, the original federated search engine, which he founded in 1998, grew to serve millions of users at more than 16,500 corporate and research organizations, and sold in 2008. Prior to WebFeat, Miller managed digital information divisions for Ziff-Davis and Knight Ridder. Miller holds four patents in search technology and has been recognized by such organizations as IBM and The Gartner Group. His latest start-up, Technicopia, is dedicated to developing products and services that make business users' lives easier and more productive. The Company is based in Carmel Valley, CA.

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