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Share Microsoft® Outlook® Calendars and other folders in three steps

Share Outlook Calendar and Contacts without Exchange Server

October 1, 2007

Quick and easy 3StepShare allows users to share their Outlook folders without Microsoft Exchange or expensive hardware

Lookout Software LLC., has just released 3StepShare, a new and easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server that allows colleagues to share their Outlook calendar, contact, email and task folders. 3StepShare’s simple setup and processes are ideal for busy professionals looking to share their Outlook folders but do not have the time or resources to struggle with servers, extra hardware or unnecessary expenses.

3StepShare differs from many products currently available that allow Outlook folder sharing because the application works using Outlook email instead of networks and servers. Users can choose to share their Outlook calendar, contact, email and task folders simply by downloading the 3StepShare plugin and inviting other users to see their folders.

3StepShare works by one 3StepShare user inviting to share one or more of their Outlook folders with another user, and 3StepShare sends the invitee an invitation which is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, 3StepShare creates a subfolder for the shared Outlook folder in the invitee’s copy of Outlook. Then 3StepShare sends the shared folder’s data to the invitee’s shared subfolder, and any changes made by either user are updated in the opposite person’s shared folder. All of this is done behind the scenes through an automated email synchronization process, without any user intervention.

"We’re excited to bring millions of Outlook users a simple, easy and affordable solution for collaborating with fellow Outlook users. Our mantra was to develop a solution that was robust but exceptionally easy to install and use. Our development approach was to have no more than 3 Steps to start sharing, and we accomplished it. And since it is so affordable and easy to install and use, 3StepShare is a perfect solution for managers, co-workers and family members to start getting connected," said President and CEO of Lookout Software, Kevin Taggart.

Users can also set who has the right to edit or delete data within their shared Outlook calendar, contact, email and task folders. For example, a user can choose to share their Outlook calendar folder with several colleagues; then give some of these colleagues the right to edit and delete appointments in the shared calendar folder, while only giving other users the right to view appointments in the shared calendar folder.

Each person wishing to share Outlook calendar, contacts, email and/or task folders using 3StepShare must have a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007.

A free trial version of 3StepShare can downloaded at www.3StepShare.com.

Nikki Bonds, Marketing Manager
Lookout Software, LLC.
866-935-3206 x101

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