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Panda Security for Exchange Servers: ExchangeSecure

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ExchangeSecure is designed for companies that need high quality protection for MS Exchange Server. It scans all inbound and outbound corporate mail traffic for malware. The spam protection blocks inbound junk mail before it can reach users' mailboxes with detection ratios higher that 95%. It can also filter out offensive content. The heuristic scan detects and quarantines suspicious files.

With attachments scanned in-memory, ExchangeSecure offers maximum performance both under individual installations and in Exchange Server clusters. All of this is managed centrally through the Panda AdminSecure administration tool.

Panda Security for Exchange Servers: ExchangeSecure

  • Complete protection against all types of malware (viruses, hoaxes, spyware, etc.), threats and intruders that infiltrate systems via email.
  • Seamless integration in Exchange- integrates seamlessly with MS Exchange environments and fully cluster-aware.
  • Anti-Spam protection keeping junk mail away from saturating inboxes.
  • Exhaustive content filtering
  • Preventive blocking of viruses and spam, in both inbound and outbound email.
  • Optimized in-memory scanning and disinfection Under any protocol and for all folders.
  • High scalability and availability especially important large enterprise environments
  • Optimized performance and detection ratios.
  • Scanning of mail in transit