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Clear Opportunity Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

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ClearOpportunity is the only pipeline and opportunity contact management system that is fully (100%) integrated with MS Outlook. By fully integrated, we mean that ClearOpportunity runs completely in Outlook and becomes part of Outlook. Softech designed ClearOpportunity with the following vision: to give you The Power to Sell More in Less Time. How can we do that? Simple, we empower you to focus on sales activities and eliminate the need for documenting communication and syncing activities in separate systems. 90% of sales professionals live in Outlook, so why shouldn’t Outlook contain all the necessary features and functionality to help you focus on increasing sales?


  • Runs completely in Outlook and becomes part of Outlook.
  • Customizable Dashboard - Tailored by you to meet the specific demands of your work.
  • Built-in Forecasting - Evaluate your business potential without duplicating effort.
  • Opportunity Analysis - Identify trends, opportunities and problem areas at any user defined stage.
  • Simple Opportunity Management - Single point review of all related activity, contact information, communications, appointments, and tasks.
  • Opportunity Reporting - View, sort, and filter opportunities to identify trends, measure and forecast revenue, and track opportunity closure.
  • Real Outlook Integration - Quickly create a new opportunity right from an email, appointment, task, or contact.