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EurekaWare Real Estate Contact Management Microsoft Outlook® Add-In

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Real Estate Software is supposed to make realtors more effective. So why are most realtor software solutions so difficult to use? What makes EurekaWare different is that our real estate software is built into Microsoft Outlook and is very easy to use. Through this design EurekaWare Real Estate Contact Manager adds real estate marketing capabilities to the email tool you already use. There is no need to learn how to use a new real estate software application. EurekaWare is a Microsoft Outlook add-in to meet the unique needs of Real Estate Agents for marketing and contact management.

Real Estate Contact Management for Microsoft Outlook

We've added extra fields to Microsoft Outlook so that you can keep track of who's in your Sphere; who's in your Farm; what does your listing prospect have to sell; and what do they want to buy? And its so simple to use. You'll be up and running in minutes allowing you to focus your time with your clients, not learning new technology.