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SMT Profiler for Outlook

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ProfilER is an automated MS Exchange/Outlook profile generator. This utility can be run as a GUI or in a command line mode (batch scripting). This is an excellent tool for automatically setting up users Exchange Profiles, if needed, when they logon to the NT domain. This tool can also be used to reconfigure users profiles when it is necessary (i.e., moving from one Exchange organization to another). This will save many support calls and dollars.

SMT Profiler for Outlook

Profiles.exe is an automatic profile generation program for MS Outlook. Profiles.exe is a VB 6 program that looks up the interactive user's NT id and generates a PRF file based upon the user's group membership. It determines if a user is a portable user by either looking at a specific group passed as a command line argument (/g group_name) or it defaults to PortableUser.